Deleting a record under windows under osx 1 to delete

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Unformatted text preview: ick on the line for Input Mask. and then on the … button that appears on the right. 3. Select the Phone Number mask and click on Next. 4. Leave the Input Mask proposed by the wizard, !(999) 000 ­0000. Click on the Placeholder character pop ­down list and select #. 5. Click on Next 6. Choose the button that indicates you want to store the data With the Symbols in the Mask, and click Finish. Under OS ­X: 1. Select the HomePhone field in the Field Name and make sure the Field Type is Number [NUMERIC] 2. In the Field Properties (Bottom half of the screen), set Length to the value 10 3. Then click on the icon … which is located to the right of Format Example. 4. In the Category, select User ­defined 5. In the Format code, type in “(000)000 ­0000,” then click on OK. Adding Records to a Table To add records to the table you must be in the Datasheet View, unless you have a form for data entry. In this case you will use the Datasheet View. Click on the datasheet icon under Windows or right click your table and select Open under OS ­X. Accept the prompt to save the table. Begin entering data (make up names and numbers). Use the <Enter> or <tab> keys to move between cells. You do not need to enter any information in the ID column because Access will do that for you. Just to get a feel for what an AutoNumber field does, try to type a number in it. Observe the effect of the Input Mask on the HomePhone field. It should let you enter only numbers, and the phone number is formatted automatically. 8 Workshop 6: MS Office Access and NeoOffice Modifying Fields in a Table To modify the design of the table you must switch to the Design View. Add the following new fields to the table about people you know. Use the Input Mask for the CellPhone. Field Name CellPhone IsStudent Income Data Type Text Yes/No Currency (PC) Number [NUMERIC] (Mac) Description Cellular or mobile phone number Is the person a student? How much money does this person make? To delete a field, highlight the entire row in Design View by clicking in the field selector (gray box) to the left of the field name. Then, select Delete Rows from the Design tab. If you need to change the column width of the fields, you need to switch back to the Datasheet View. Place your cursor on the line between the two fields until the cursor becomes a double ­arrow, or double ­ click between columns. Then, click and drag until the field is the correct size. Now add data for these new fields. Modifying Records in a Table To modify records, select the Datasheet...
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