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The adjective relational is very important it means

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Unformatted text preview: ts and principles of database design. Objectives of Workshop 1. 2. 3. 4. Learn the principles and component objects of databases Create tables, set primary keys, and enter data Relate tables Create single and multiple table queries Description of Microsoft Access and NeoOffice Microsoft Access and NeoOffice is a relational database program used to enter, organize, and view data; look at specific data in a query; and combine data from multiple tables in one query. The adjective “relational” is very important. It means that you can link tables that contain information about different types of entities. For example, you can link a table of customers containing information about the customer’s address, phone number, etc., with a table of orders containing information about the date, time, and amount of each order. A database is a collection of information about a certain subject, such as information about stocks and sales by a mail ­order company, or information about books in a library. Imagine a typical California farm Workshop 6: MS Office Access and NeoOffice that produces two or three main products and a dozen or more additional products. The farm cultivates small grain crops, forages, tomatoes, corn, cantaloupes, and runs a herd of dairy cows from which milk and beef are produced. Think of the whole farm as a system that, in order to operate has to move inputs, cash, products, by ­products, and information in and out efficiently. And it has to keep track of all of it! Navigating through Microsoft Office Access and NeoOffice Under Windows: 1. Open the Start Menu. 2. Open All Programs and select Microsoft Office Access. 3. You will be asked to open an existing database or create a new one. If the Open File window does not automatically appear then click on the Open icon in the Ribbon Interface or select More Files…. From the task pane. 4. Open the file Practice.accdb in the week 6 folder on the Smartiste webpage Under OS ­X: 1. In the Spotlight search type in NeoOffice. Select the Top Hit for NeoOffice. 2. You can also find NeoOffice in the Dock. 3. Click on File in the Menu Bar. Select New Database. 4. Click on File in the Menu Bar. Select Open File. 5. Open Practice.odb in the week 6 folder on the Smartiste webpage You are then prompted to name and save the database before you can work on it. Select a folder on your drive, give the database a name, save it and you are all set. Note: Before you create a database “in the real world,” you have to design it and consult extensiv...
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