This is particularly important if you are working on

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Unformatted text preview: ate “I will type in the values that I want” and click on Next . In the next screen, click on the cell under the label Col1 and type Fall. Observe that as you type, a new cell appears below the first one. Move to the second cell and type Winter. Continue adding until you have all quarters and both summer sessions (Summer I and Summer II). Then, click on Next . 4. Go back to datasheet view and click on the quarter field to view the pop ­down list and select the quarter for each course. 6. In the final screen of the wizard accept the label “Quarter” for the list and click on Finish 5. To close a table, select the X in the upper right corner of the table’s window. Creating a Table Create a table of people you know. This will serve as an example of what could be a table for employees. Relevant information to include would be address, phone number, etc. Under Windows: Under O ­SX: 7 Workshop 6: MS Office Access and NeoOffice 1. Select the Create tab in the Ribbon Interface. 1. Select Tables from the Database Pane 2. Click on Table Design 2. Click on Create Table in Design View. Enter the information shown in the table below for the fields. When setting a data type, you use a list of options. Click on the data type area to see the button to open the drop ­down menu with a list of many types. Observe that the pane at the bottom right of the table design window offers instructions on the rules to follow for entering the information requested. Select the ID field and click on the Key icon in the Toolbar to set the ID field as the primary key for the table. Primary keys are explained in detail below. Click on the save icon of the Quick Access Toobar. In the Save As dialogue that appears, type “MyPeople” as the table name and click on OK . Field Name ID FirstName LastName HomePhone Data Type AutoNumber Text Text Text Description Use as primary key First name of person Last name of person Landline phone number at home In this case the description is not that important, but in general, it is recommend that you enter a description/definition for each field. This is particularly important if you are working on a database that has hundreds of fields (which is normal for databases) and field names are not necessarily always immediately obvious. In order to ensure that the phone number is entered properly use an Input Mask under Windows and a Format Example for OS ­X. Under Windows: 1. Select the HomePhone field and in the General tab. 2. Cl...
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