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EE203 HW #1(1) - EE203:Homework#1...

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EE203: Homework #1 Problem #1: (This should be REVIEW. Exam problems will NOT be this easy.) Define the following terms: conduction band valence band band gap effective mass intrinsic semiconductor extrinsic semiconductor dopant donor acceptor n type material p type material majority carrier minority carrier density of states Fermi function Fermi energy (or level) nondegenerate semiconductor degenerate semiconductor extrinsic temperature region intrinsic temperature region freeze out equilibrium Problem #2: Find the equilibrium electron and hole concentrations and the location of the Fermi level for silicon at 27 o C if the silicon contains the following concentrations of shallow dopant atoms: (a) 10 16 cm 3 boron atoms (b) 3 x 10 16 cm 3 arsenic atoms and 2.9 x 10 16 cm 3 boron atoms Problem #3: Grain boundaries and other structural defects introduce allowed energy states deep within the forbidden gap of polycrystalline silicon. Assume that each defect introduces two discrete levels: an acceptor level 0.51 eV above the top of the valence band and a donor level 0.27 eV above the top of
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