EE203 Syllabus-Spring 2012(3)

Thearticlestobediscussedarelistedonilearn all

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Unformatted text preview: nect course topics to current literature, we will be discussing articles throughout the quarter. The articles to be discussed are listed on iLearn. ALL students must (1) read the following 5 articles and (2) answer the questions listed in the document posted on iLearn entitled "Griswold‐Questions for Paper Reading". The articles are all "letters" or short, 2‐3 page publications which are meant to rapidly communicate a result to the scientific community. Students will be placed in groups of 2. Each group will (1) lead a 10‐15 minute discussion of an article and (2) give a 5‐7 minute powerpoint presentation explaining a concept from class which is important to the understanding of the article. Grading: 40% midterm 45% final 10% group presentation and discussion 5% participation in article discussion...
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