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Units 8-14 - Key - Sales Order Management 1 You are...

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Sales Order Management 1. You are creating a new customer master record. In order to be able to process a sales order for this customer, you must maintain several partner functions. Customer master data is grouped into categories. In which category will you find partner functions? (one correct answer) a. Sales area view of the customer master record b. General view of the customer master record c. Company code view of the customer master record d. Customer-material info record Answer: a 2. Sales Order Management can be integrated with Warehouse Management in SAP ERP during the shipping process. Which of the following steps in the shipping process will not take place if warehouse management is not active? (3 correct answers) a. Picking and confirming b. Packing c. Printing of the transfer order d. Posting a goods issue Answer: a,b,c 3. A colleague has asked you to explain availability checks in sales order processing. You include which of the following in your explanation of availability checks? (4 correct answers) a. An availability check is carried out when the sales order is released b. Availability checks are an integration with MM c. Availability checks can be required via the material master record d. The system can check other plants for a material e. There is no way from within the sales order to determine what quantities are checked to determine availability f. Backward scheduling is used to determine whether a material will be available Answer: b,c,d,f 4. A client would like an understanding of the shipping process in Sales Order Management. During your explanation, you tell them the shipping process begins with which of the following? (one correct answer) a. When you create a delivery document b. When you create a transfer requirement c. When you post a goods issue d. When you create an inquiry Answer: a 5. During the sales order process, logistics execution is completed with the posting of the goods issue. What are the results of this goods issue posting in SAP? (4 correct answers) a. Stock value reduced b. Document flow updated c. Customer credit record adjusted d. Becomes relevant for billing
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e. Customer requirement deleted Answer: a,b,d,e 6. A colleague has asked you to explain the billing step in sales order processing in SAP ERP. You include which of the following as a result of the billing step? (4 correct answers) a. Creating credit and debit memos b. Updating stock accounts c. Creating invoices d. Invoice verification e. Cancelling previously posted billing documents f. Automatically transferring billing information to accounting Answer: a,c,e,f 7. The following document is created upon completion of the billing process… a. Material Document b. Delivery Document c. Accounting Document d. Work Order Document Answer: c 8. An account receivable is posted to accounting upon creation of the following document… a. Good issue b. Delivery c. Billing d. Sales order e. All of the above Answer: c 9. One of the following fields in the customer master is maintained at the sales area
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Units 8-14 - Key - Sales Order Management 1 You are...

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