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Walzl, Florence L., “ Dubliners : Women in Irish Society.” In Women in Joyce , ed. Suzette Henke and Elaine Unkeless. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1982. 30-56. Proposition: Joyce uses Dubliners to study the problems in Irish society. Goal: Florence aims to briefly explain the main points in Dubliners and then show how this relates to Joyce’s life. Plan: The plan is to provide a proposition and key events in Joyce’s life and in Irish history. Florence then plans to support the proposition with many examples of the relation between Joyce and Irish society. She then provides specific evidence for her premises. She uses direct quotations from Joyce’s letters. Audience: The chapter is written for people who have read Dubliners and are concerned about how it relates to Joyce’s life and of Irish society. Says: Joyce uses Dubliners to study the problems in Irish society. Dubliners is supposed to serve as a “looking-glass” so that Irish people could “see themselves and their paralysis.” It is centered on Dublin because Joyce believed that Dublin was the center of paralysis. The stories cover all years of life from childhood issues to adolescence to adult life. From Joyce’s writings, it could be determined that Joyce believes that
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