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Unformatted text preview: 5 y=± In this case the solutions are a little messy, but many of these will do so don’t worry about that. Also note that since we knew what the square root of 25 was we went ahead and split the square root of the fraction up as shown. Again, remember that there are really two solutions here, one positive and one negative. [Return to Problems] (c) 4 z 2 + 49 = 0 This one is nearly identical to the previous part with one difference that we’ll see at the end of the example. Here is the work for this equation. 4 z 2 = -49 z2 = - 49 4 Þ z=± - 49 49 7 = ±i =± i 4 4 2 7 2 So, there are two solutions to this equation : z = ± i . Notice as well that they are complex solutions. This will happen with the solution to many quadratic equations so make sure that you can deal with them. [Return to Problems] (d) ( 2t - 9 ) = 5 2 This one looks different from the previous parts, however it works the same way. The square root property can be used anytime we have something squared equals a number. That is what we hav...
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