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Unformatted text preview: roblem is that both of these solution methods will not always work. Not every quadratic is factorable and not every quadratic is in the form required for the square root property. It is now time to start looking into methods that will work for all quadratic equations. So, in this section we will look at completing the square and the quadratic formula for solving the quadratic equation, ax 2 + bx + c = 0 a¹0 Completing the Square The first method we’ll look at in this section is completing the square. It is called this because it uses a process called completing the square in the solution process. So, we should first define just what completing the square is. Let’s start with 2 x 2 + bx and notice that the x has a coefficient of one. That is required in order to do this. Now, to this 2 æbö lets add ç ÷ . Doing this gives the following factorable quadratic equation. è2ø 2 bö æbö æ x 2 + bx + ç ÷ = ç x + ÷ 2ø è2ø è 2 This process is called completing the square and if we do all the arith...
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