5 3x x 5 3 the domain of this function is then domain

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Unformatted text preview: iables it just means that we don’t actually plug in anything and we get the following, g (1) = 10 [Return to Problems] (d) g (15 ) Again, like with the second part we need to be a little careful with this one. In this case the number satisfies the middle inequality since that is the one with the equal sign in it. Then like the previous part we just get, g (15 ) = 10 Don’t get excited about the fact that the previous two evaluations were the same value. This will happen on occasion. [Return to Problems] (e) g ( 21) For the final evaluation in this example the number satisfies the bottom inequality and so we’ll use the bottom equation for the evaluation. g ( 21) = 1 - 6 ( 21) = -125 [Return to Problems] Piecewise functions do not arise all that often in an Algebra class however, the do arise in several places in later classes and so it is important for you to understand them if you are going to be moving on to more math classes. As a final topic we need to come back and touch on the fact that we can’t always plug every x into ev...
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