53 hours before meeting while the faster car will

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Unformatted text preview: è Car B ø We used the standard formula here twice, once for each car. We know that the distance a car travels is the rate of the car times the time traveled by the car. In this case we know that Car A travels at 100 mph for t hours and that Car B travels at 70 mph for t hours as well. Plugging these into the word equation and solving gives us, 100t + 70t = 500 170t = 500 500 = 2.941176 hrs t= 170 So, they will travel for approximately 2.94 hours before meeting. Example 6 Repeat the previous example except this time assume that the faster car will start 1 hour after slower car starts. Solution For this problem we are going to need to be careful with the time traveled by each car. Let’s let t be the amount of time that the slower travel car travels. Now, since the faster car starts out 1 hour after the slower car it will only travel for t - 1 hours. Now, since we are repeating the problem from above the figure and word equation will remain identical and so we won’t bother repeating them here. The only difference is what we substitute for the time traveled for the faster car...
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