Again make sure that you check in the original

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Unformatted text preview: ossibility here is that we made a mistake somewhere. We can go back and look however and we’ll quickly see that we haven’t made a mistake. So, what is the deal? Remember that our first step in the solution process was to square both sides. Notice that if we plug x = -2 into the quadratic we solved it would in fact be a solution to that. When we squared both sides of the equation we actually changed the equation and in the process introduced a solution that is not a solution to the original equation. With these problems it is vitally important that you check your solutions as this will often happen. When this does we only take the values that are actual solutions to the original equation. So, the original equation had a single solution x = 3 . Now, as this example has shown us, we have to be very careful in solving these equations. When we solve the quadratic we will get two solutions and it is possible both of these, one of these, or none of these values to be solutions to the original equation. The only way to know is to check your solutions! Let’s wo...
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