Also this warning about parenthesis is not just

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Unformatted text preview: e point of this discussion is to make sure that you pay attention to parenthesis. They are important and ignoring parenthesis or putting in a set of parenthesis where they don’t belong can completely change the answer to a problem. Be careful. Also, this warning about parenthesis is not just intended for exponents. We will need to be careful with parenthesis throughout this course. Now, let’s take care of zero exponents and negative integer exponents. In the case of zero exponents we have, a0 = 1 provided a ¹ 0 Notice that it is required that a not be zero. This is important since 00 is not defined. Here is a quick example of this property. ( -1268 ) © 2007 Paul Dawkins 2 0 =1 College Algebra We have the following definition for negative exponents. If a is any non-zero number and n is a positive integer (yes, positive) then, a -n = 1 an Can you see why we required that a not be zero? Remember that division by zero is not defined and if we had all...
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