At this point weve got a problem that is similar the

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Unformatted text preview: o try to keep © 2007 Paul Dawkins 65 College Algebra most answer simple often they won’t be so do NOT get so locked into the idea that an answer must be a simple integer that you immediately assume that you’ve made a mistake because of the “messiness” of the answer. [Return to Problems] (b) m-2 2m +1 = 3 7 Okay, with this one we won’t be putting quite as much explanation into the problem. In this case we have fractions so to make our life easier we will multiply both sides by the LCD, which is 21 in this case. After doing that the problem will be very similar to the previous problem. Note as well that the denominators are only numbers and so we won’t need to worry about division by zero issues. Let’s first multiply both sides by the LCD. æ m - 2 ö æ 2m ö 21ç + 1÷ = ç ÷ 21 è3 ø è7ø æ m-2ö æ 2m ö 21ç ÷ + 21(1) = ç ÷ 21 è3ø è7ø 7 ( m - 2 ) + 21 = ( 2m )( 3) Be careful to correctly distribute the 21 through the paren...
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