At this stage of the game it can be pretty difficult

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Unformatted text preview: 113 x 2 - 3 x + + y 2 + 10 y + 25 = 1 + + 25 = 14 244 4 3 4 4 14 3 24 4 factor this factor this When adding the numbers to both sides make sure and place them properly. This means that we need to put the number from the coefficient of the x with the x terms and the number from the coefficient of the y with the y terms. This placement is important since this will be the only way that the quadratics will factor as we need them to factor. Now, factor the quadratics as show above. This will give the standard form of the equation of the circle. 2 3ö 113 2 æ ç x - ÷ + ( y + 5) = 2ø 4 è This looks a little messier than the equations that we’ve seen to this point. However, this is something that will happen on occasion so don’t get excited about it. Here is the center and radius for this circle. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 173 College Algebra æ3 ö center = ç , -5 ÷ è2 ø radius = 113 113 = 4 2 Do not get excited about the messy radius or fractions in the center coordinates. [Retu...
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