Contrast this with the following case ab 2 1

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Unformatted text preview: 1 a =2 2 b b 1 ab -2 ¹ 2 ab ab -2 = a Correct : Incorrect : In this case only the b gets the exponent since it is immediately off to the left of the exponent and so only this term moves to the denominator. Do NOT carry the a down to the denominator with the b. Contrast this with the following case. ( ab ) -2 = 1 ( ab ) 2 In this case the exponent is on the set of parenthesis and so we can just use property 7 on it and so both the a and the b move down to the denominator. Again, note the importance of parenthesis and how they can change an answer! Here is another common mistake. 1 11 1 = = a5 -5 -5 3a 3a 3 1 Incorrect : ¹ 3a 5 -5 3a Correct : In this case the exponent is only on the a and so to use property 8 on this we would have to break up the fraction as shown and then use property 8 only on the second term. To bring the 3 up with the a we would have needed the following. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 4 College Algebra 1 ( 3a ) -5 = ( 3a ) 5 Once again, notice this common mistake c...
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