Doing this gives vb 5abr m now both terms on the right

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Unformatted text preview: e first example that we made the comment that sometimes the ordering of the steps in the process needs to be changed? Well, that’s what we’re going to do here. The first step in the process tells us to clear fractions. However, since the fraction is inside a set of parenthesis let’s first multiply the m through the parenthesis. Notice as well that if we multiply the m through first we will in fact clear one of the fractions out automatically. This will make our work a little easier when we do clear the fractions out. V= m - 5aR b Now, clear fractions by multiplying both sides by b. We’ll also go ahead move all terms that don’t have an R in them to the other side. Vb = m - 5abR Vb - m = -5abR Be careful to not lose the minus sign in front of the 5! It’s very easy to lose track of that. The final step is to then divide both sides by the coefficient of the R, in this case -5ab. R= Vb - m Vb - m - (Vb - m ) -Vb + m m - Vb == = = -5ab 5ab 5ab 5ab 5ab Notice as well that we did some manipulation of the minus sign that was in the denominator so that we could simplify the answer...
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