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Unformatted text preview: n this section is not really related to most of what we’ve done in this chapter, although it is somewhat related to the radicals section as we will see. We also won’t need the material here all that often in the remainder of this course, but there are a couple of sections in which we will need this and so it’s best to get it out of the way at this point. In the radicals section we noted that we won’t get a real number out of a square root of a negative number. For instance -9 isn’t a real number since there is no real number that we can square and get a NEGATIVE 9. Now we also saw that if a and b were both positive then forget that restriction and do the following. -9 = ( 9 )( -1) = ab = a b . For a second let’s 9 -1 = 3 -1 Now, -1 is not a real number, but if you think about it we can do this for any square root of a negative number. For instance, -100 = 100 -1 = 10 -1 -5 = 5 -1 -290 = 290 -1 etc. So, even if the number isn’t a perfect square we can still always reduce the...
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