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Unformatted text preview: gle inequalities and yet very different in other ways. Since there are two inequalities there isn’t any way to get the variables on “one side” of the inequality and the numbers on the other. It is easier to see how these work if we do an example or two so let’s do that. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 125 College Algebra Example 2 Solve each of the following inequalities. Give both inequality and interval notation forms for the solution. (a) -6 £ 2 ( x - 5 ) < 7 [Solution] 3 ( 2 - x ) £ 5 [Solution] 2 (c) -14 < -7 ( 3 x + 2 ) < 1 [Solution] (b) -3 < Solution (a) -6 £ 2 ( x - 5 ) < 7 The process here is fairly similar to the process for single inequalities, but we will first need to be careful in a couple of places. Our first step in this case will be to clear any parenthesis in the middle term. -6 £ 2 x - 10 < 7 Now, we want the x all by itself in the middle term and only numbers in the two outer terms. To do this we will add/subtract/multiply/divide as needed. The only thing...
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