Here is the solution in both inequality and interval

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Unformatted text preview: the sign of the polynomial at that point. This is the step in the process that has all the work, although it isn’t too bad. Here is the number line for this problem. Now, let’s talk about this a little. When we pick test points make sure that you pick easy numbers to work with. So, don’t choose large numbers or fractions unless you are forced to by the problem. Also, note that we plugged the test points into the factored from of the polynomial and all we’re really after here is whether or not the polynomial is positive or negative. Therefore, we didn’t actually bother with values of the polynomial just the sign and we can get that from the product shown. The product of two negatives is a positive, etc. We are now ready for the final step in the process. Step 5 : Write down the answer. Recall that we discussed earlier that if any point from a region satisfied the inequality then ALL points in that region satisfied the inequality and likewise if any point from a region did not satisfy the inequality then NONE of...
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