However this means that the plus or minus part of the

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Unformatted text preview: akes when you get in a hurry. The quadratic formula will also always work and is much shorter of a method to use. In general, you should only use completing the square if your instructor has required you to use it. As a solving technique completing the square should always be your last choice. This doesn’t mean however that it isn’t an important method. We will see the completing the square process arise in several sections in later chapters. Interestingly enough when we do see this process in later sections we won’t be solving equations! This process is very useful in many situations of which solving is only one. Before leaving this section we have one more topic to discuss. In the previous couple of sections we saw that solving a quadratic equation in standard form, ax 2 + bx + c = 0 we will get one of the following three possible solution sets. 1. Two real distinct (i.e. not equal) solutions. 2. A double root. Recall this arises when we can factor the equation into a perfect square. 3. Two complex solutions. These are the ONLY possibilities for solving quadratic equations in standard form. Note however, that if we start with rational expression in the equation we may get different solution © 2007 Paul Dawk...
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