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Unformatted text preview: ow we can find the new slope as follows, m2 = - 1 10 = 3 3 10 Then, just as we did in the previous part we can use the point-slope form of the line to get the equation of the new line. Here it is, 10 ( x - 8) 3 10 80 = 2+ x3 3 10 74 y = x3 3 y = 2+ © 2007 Paul Dawkins 168 [Return to Problems] College Algebra Circles In this section we are going to take a quick look at circles. However, before we do that we need to give a quick formula that hopefully you’ll recall seeing at some point in the past. Given two points ( x1 , y1 ) and ( x2 , y2 ) the distance between them is given by, ( x2 - x1 ) + ( y2 - y1 ) 2 d= 2 So, why did we remind you of this formula? Well, let’s recall just what a circle is. A circle is all the points that are the same distance, r – called the radius, from a point, ( h, k ) - called the center. In other words, if ( x, y ) is any point that is on the circle then it has a distance of r from the center, ( h, k ) . If we use the distance formula on these two points we would get, r= ( x - h) + ( y - k ) 2 2 Or, if we square both sides we get, ( x - h) + ( y...
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