However we are going to use the quadratic formula

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Unformatted text preview: ed at for solving quadratic equations, don’t forget to convert square roots of negative numbers into complex numbers. Also, when b is negative be very careful with the substitution. This is particularly true for the squared portion under the radical. Remember that when you square a negative number it will become positive. One of the more common mistakes here is to get in a hurry and forget to drop the minus sign after you square b, so be careful. [Return to Problems] (c) 7t 2 = 6 - 19t We won’t put in quite the detail with this one that we’ve done for the first two. Here is the standard form of this equation. 7t 2 + 19t - 6 = 0 Here are the values for the quadratic formula as well as the quadratic formula itself. a=7 © 2007 Paul Dawkins b = 19 99 c = -6 College Algebra t= -19 ± (19 ) - 4 ( 7 )( -6 ) 2 (7) 2 -19 ± 361 + 168 14 -19 ± 529 = 14 -19 ± 23 = 14 = Now, recall that when we get solutions like this we need to go the extra step and actually determine...
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