In other words it is easy to all of a sudden make

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Unformatted text preview: that we need to remember here is that if we do something to middle term we need to do the same thing to BOTH of the out terms. One of the more common mistakes at this point is to add something, for example, to the middle and only add it to one of the two sides. Okay, we’ll add 10 to all three parts and then divide all three parts by two. 4 £ 2 x < 17 17 2£ x< 2 é 17 ö ÷. ë 2ø That is the inequality form of the answer. The interval notation form of the answer is ê 2, [Return to Problems] (b) -3 < 3 (2 - x) £ 5 2 In this case the first thing that we need to do is clear fractions out by multiplying all three parts by 2. We will then proceed as we did in the first part. -6 < 3 ( 2 - x ) £ 10 -6 < 6 - 3x £ 10 -12 < -3x £ 4 Now, we’re not quite done here, but we need to be very careful with the next step. In this step we need to divide all three parts by -3. However, recall that whenever we divide both sides of an inequality by a negative number we need to switch the direction of the inequality. For us, this means that both of the inequalitie...
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