It is easy to lose track of them also when the slope

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Unformatted text preview: ero, we just can’t have both be zero. Note that this is sometimes called the standard form of the line. Before we get too far into this section it would probably be helpful to recall that a line is defined by any two points that are on the line. Given two points that are on the line we can graph the line and/or write down the equation of the line. This fact will be used several times throughout this section. One of the more important ideas that we’ll be discussing in this section is that of slope. The slope of a line is a measure of the steepness of a line and it can also be used to measure whether a line is increasing or decreasing as we move from left to right. Here is the precise definition of the slope of a line. Given any two points on the line say, ( x1 , y1 ) and ( x2 , y2 ) , the slope of the line is given by, m= y2 - y1 x2 - x1 In other words, the slope is the difference in the y values divided by the difference in the x values. Also, do not get worried about the subscripts...
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