It is identical to the mathematically correct

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Unformatted text preview: û = h [ 3] = 3 +1 =2 © 2007 Paul Dawkins 194 [Return to Problems] College Algebra (e) ( f o h) ( 4) Again, we’ve got a number here. This time there are actually two ways to do this evaluation. The first is to simply use the results from the first part since that is a formula for the general function composition. If we do the problem that way we get, ( f o h ) ( 4) = 4 - 2 = 2 We could also do the evaluation directly as we did in the previous part. The answers should be the same regardless of how we get them. So, to get another example down of this kind of evaluation let’s also do the evaluation directly. ( f o h) ( 4) = f éh ( 4)ù ë û = f é 4 + 1ù ë û = f é 5ù ëû = ( 5) 2 -3 = 5-3 =2 So, sure enough we got the same answer, although it did take more work to get it. [Return to Problems] Example 4 Given f ( x ) = 3x - 2 and g ( x ) = ( f o g )( x) (b) ( g o f ) ( x ) (a) x2 + evaluate each of the following. 33 [Solution] [Solution] Solution (a) Hopefully, by this point these aren’t...
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