Knowing the values of x to choose is really something

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Unformatted text preview: function composition. Inverse Functions – We will define and find inverse functions in this section. . © 2007 Paul Dawkins 152 College Algebra Graphing In this section we need to review some of the basic ideas in graphing. It is assumed that you’ve seen some graphing to this point and so we arent going to go into great depth here. We will only be reviewing some of the basic ideas. We will start off with the Rectangular or Cartesian coordinate system. This is just the standard axis system that we use when sketching our graphs. Here is the Cartesian coordinate system with a few points plotted. The horizontal and vertical axes, typically called the x-axis and the y-axis respectively, divide the coordinate system up into quadrants as shown above. In each quadrant we have the following signs for x and y. Quadrant I Quadrant II Quadrant III Quadrant IV x > 0 , or x positive x < 0 , or x negative x < 0 , or x negative x > 0 , or x positive y > 0 , or y positive y > 0 , or y positive y < 0 , or y negative y < 0 , or y negative Each point in the coordinate system is defined by an order...
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