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Unformatted text preview: rcept : ( 0,10 ) 2 Next we need to find the x-intercepts. This means we’ll need to solve an equation. However, before we do that we can actually tell whether or not we’ll have any before we even start to solve the equation. In this case we have a = 2 which is positive and so we know that the parabola opens up. Also the vertex is a point below the x-axis. So, we know that the parabola will have at least a few points below the x-axis and it will open up. Therefore, since once a parabola starts to open up it will continue to open up eventually we will have to cross the x-axis. In other words, there are xintercepts for this parabola. To find them we need to solve the following equation. 0 = 2 ( x + 3) - 8 2 We solve equations like this back when we were solving quadratic equations so hopefully you remember how to do them. 2 ( x + 3) = 8 2 ( x + 3) 2 =4 x + 3 = ± 4 = ±2 x = -3 ± 2 The two x-intercepts are then, Þ ( -5, 0 ) and x = -1, x = -5 ( -1, 0 ) Now, at this point we’ve got points on eithe...
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