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Unformatted text preview: hen we say that f ( x ) and g ( x ) are inverses of each other. More specifically we will say that g ( x ) is the inverse of f ( x ) and denote it by g ( x ) = f -1 ( x ) Likewise we could also say that f ( x ) is the inverse of g ( x ) and denote it by f ( x ) = g -1 ( x ) The notation that we use really depends upon the problem. In most cases either is acceptable. For the two functions that we started off this section with we could write either of the following two sets of notation. f ( x ) = 3x - 2 g ( x) = x2 + 33 f -1 ( x ) = x2 + 33 g -1 ( x ) = 3 x - 2 Now, be careful with the notation for inverses. The “-1” is NOT an exponent despite the fact that is sure does look like one! When dealing with inverse functions we’ve got to remember that f -1 ( x ) ¹ © 2007 Paul Dawkins 198 1 f ( x) College Algebra This is one of the more common mistakes that students make when first studying inverse functions. The process for finding the inverse of a function is a fairly simple one although there is a couple of s...
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