Now lets ignore the fraction for a second and ask 5

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Unformatted text preview: g ( x ) = 5e1- x - 4 . Solution Here is a quick table of values for this function. 2 3 x -1 0 1 g(x) 32.945… 9.591… 1 -2.161… -3.323… Now, as we stated above this example was more about the evaluation process than the graph so let’s go through the first one to make sure that you can do these. g ( -1) = 5e1-( -1) - 4 = 5e 2 - 4 = 5 ( 7.389 ) - 4 Notice that when evaluating exponential functions we first need to actually do the exponentiation before we multiply by any coefficients (5 in this case). Also, we used only 3 decimal places here since we are only graphing. In many applications we will want to use far more decimal places in these computations. Here is a sketch of the graph. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 283 College Algebra Notice that this graph violates all the properties we listed above. That is okay. Those properties are only valid for functions in the form f ( x ) = b x or f ( x ) = e x . We’ve got a lot more going on in this function and so the pr...
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