Okay lets solve some inequalities we will start off

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Unformatted text preview: raph representing the inequality and finally the interval notation for the given inequality. Inequality Graph Interval Notation a£ x£b [ a, b ] a< x<b ( a, b ) a£ x<b [ a, b ) a< x£b ( a, b ] x>a ( a, ¥ ) x³a [ a, ¥ ) x<b ( -¥, b ) x£b ( -¥, b] Remember that a bracket, “[” or “]”, means that we include the endpoint while a parenthesis, “(” or “)”, means we don’t include the endpoint. Now, with the first four inequalities in the table the interval notation is really nothing more than the graph without the number line on it. With the final four inequalities the interval notation is almost the graph, except we need to add in an appropriate infinity to make sure we get the correct portion of the number line. Also note that infinities NEVER get a bracket. They only get a parenthesis. We need to give one final note on interval notation before moving on to solving inequalities. Always remember that when we are writing down an interval notation for an inequality that the number on the left must be the smaller of the two. It’s now time to start thinking about...
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