One of the more common mistakes here is to get in a

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Unformatted text preview: in order to cancel anything from the numerator or denominator then it must be multiplied by the whole numerator or denominator. Since the 2 in the numerator isn’t multiplied by the whole denominator it can’t be canceled. In order to do any simplification here we will first need to reduce the square root. At that point we can do some canceling. x= -2 ± (16 ) 2 2 = ( ) -2 ± 4 2 2 -1 ± 2 2 = = -1 ± 2 2 2 2 That’s a much nicer answer to deal with and so we will almost always do this kind of simplification when it can be done. [Return to Problems] (b) 3q 2 + 11 = 5q Now, in this case don’t get excited about the fact that the variable isn’t an x. Everything works the same regardless of the letter used for the variable. So, let’s first get the equation into standard form. 3q 2 + 11 - 5q = 0 Now, this isn’t quite in the typical standard form. However, we need to make a point here so that we don’t make a very common mistake that many student make when first learning the quadratic formula. Many students will just get eve...
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