Parabolas well be graphing parabolas in this section

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Unformatted text preview: This section is here only to acknowledge that we’ve already talked about graphing these in a previous chapter. Parabolas – We’ll be graphing parabolas in this section. Ellipses – In this section we will graph ellipses. Hyperbolas – Here we will be graphing hyperbolas. Miscellaneous Functions – In this section we will graph a couple of common functions that don’t really take all that much work to so. We’ll be looking at the constant function, square root, absolute value and a simple cubic function. Transformations – We will be looking at shifts and reflections of graphs in this section. Collectively these are often called transformations. Symmetry – We will briefly discuss the topic of symmetry in this section. Rational Functions – In this section we will graph some rational functions. We will also be taking a look at vertical and horizontal asymptotes. Polynomial Functions Dividing Polynomials – We’ll review some of the basics of dividing polynomials in this section. Zeroes/...
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