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Unformatted text preview: iable is simply all the stuff that multiplies the variable. A- P =r Pt Þ r= A- P Pt To get a final answer we went ahead and flipped the order to get the answer into a more “standard” form. We will work more examples in a bit. However, let’s note a couple things first. These problems tend to seem fairly difficult at first, but if you think about it all we really did was use exactly the same process we used to solve linear equations. The main difference of course, is that there is more “mess” in this process. That brings us to the second point. Do not get excited about the mess in these problems. The problems will, on occasion, be a little messy, but the steps involved are steps that you can do! Finally, the answer will not be a simple number, but again it will be a little messy, often messier than the original equation. That is okay and expected. Let’s work some more examples. æ 1 5aR ö Example 2 Solve V = m ç ÷ for R. èb m ø Solution This one is fairly similar to the first example. However, it does work a little differently. Recall from th...
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