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Unformatted text preview: . This is to make sure we get a somewhat accurate sketch. If the parabola has two x-intercepts then we’ll already have these points. If it has 0 or 1 x-intercept we can either just plug in another x value or use the y-intercept and the axis of symmetry to get the second point. 5. Sketch the graph. At this point we’ve gotten enough points to get a fairly decent idea of what the parabola will look like. Now, there are two forms of the parabola that we will be looking at. This first form will make graphing parabolas very easy. Unfortunately, most parabolas are not in this form. The second form is the more common form and will require slightly (and only slightly) more work to sketch the graph of the parabola. Let’s take a look at the first form of the parabola. f ( x) = a ( x - h) + k 2 There are two pieces of information about the parabola that we can instantly get from this function. First, if a is positive then the parabola will open up and if a is negative then the parabola will open down. Secondly, the vertex of the par...
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