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Unformatted text preview: all our knowledge about solving equations won’t do us any good. We need a way to get the x out of the exponent and luckily for us we have a way to do that. Recall the following logarithm property from the last section. log b a r = r log b a Note that to avoid confusion with x’s we replaced the x in this property with an a. The important part of this property is that we can take an exponent and move it into the front of the term. So, if we had, log b 7 x we could use this property as follows. x log b 7 The x in now out of the exponent! Of course we are now stuck with a logarithm in the problem and not only that but we haven’t specified the base of the logarithm. The reality is that we can use any logarithm to do this so we should pick one that we can deal with. This usually means that we’ll work with the common logarithm or the natural logarithm. So, let’s work a set of examples to see how we actually use this idea to solve these equations. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 297 College Al...
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