Since we dont know the value of x we cant multiply

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Unformatted text preview: olution we want regions where the polynomial will be negative (that’s the middle two here) or zero (that’s all three points that divide the regions). So, we can combine up the middle two regions and the three points into a single inequality in this case. The solution, in both inequality and interval notation form, is. -6 £ x £ 2 [ -6, 2] Example 4 Solve ( x + 1)( x - 3 ) > 0 . 2 Solution The first couple of steps have already been done for us here. So, we can just straight into the work. This polynomial will be zero at x = -1 and x = 3 . Here is the number line for this problem. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 132 College Algebra Again, note that the regions don’t alternate in sign! For our solution to this inequality we are looking for regions where the polynomial is positive (that’s the last two in this case), however we don’t want values where the polynomial is zero this time since we’ve got a strict inequality (>) in this problem. This means that we want the last two regions, but not x =...
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