So graphing functions is pretty much the same as

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Unformatted text preview: x = 2 . That means that we’ll need to avoid those two numbers. However, all the other values of x will work since they don’t give division by zero. The domain is then, © 2007 Paul Dawkins 183 College Algebra Domain : All real numbers except x = -5 and x = 2 [Return to Problems] (b) f ( x ) = 5 - 3 x In this case we won’t have division by zero problems since we don’t have any fractions. We do have a square root in the problem and so we’ll need to worry about taking the square root of a negative numbers. This one is going to work a little differently from the previous part. In that part we determined the value(s) of x to avoid. In this case it will be just as easy to directly get the domain. To avoid square roots of negative numbers all that we need to do is require that 5 - 3x ³ 0 This is a fairly simple linear inequality that we should be able to solve at this point. 5 ³ 3x Þ x£ 5 3 The domain of this function is then, Domain : x £ 5 3 [Return to Pr...
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