So the dimensions will need to be 4x16 feet pricing

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Unformatted text preview: eeds to be 4 times the height of the set of selves and the set of shelves must have three shelves in it. If there are 72 feet of wood to use to build the set of shelves what should the dimensions of the set of shelves be? Solution We will first define x to be the height of the set of shelves. This means that 4x is width of the set of shelves. In this case we definitely need to sketch a figure so we can correctly set up the equation. Here it is, Now we know that there are 72 feet of wood to be used and we will assume that all of it will be used. So, we can set up the following word equation. length of æ length of ö æ ö ç ÷+ç ÷ = 72 è vertical pieces ø è horizontal pieces ø It is often a good idea to first put the equation in words before actually writing down the equation as we did here. At this point, we can see from the figure there are two vertical pieces; each one has a length of x. Also, there are 4 horizontal pieces, each with a length of 4x. So, the equation is then, 4 ( 4 x ) + 2 ( x ) = 72 1...
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