So to keep the square root happy ie no square root of

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Unformatted text preview: ery function. We talked briefly about this when we gave the definition of the function and © 2007 Paul Dawkins 182 College Algebra we saw an example of this when we were evaluating functions. We now need to look at this in a little more detail. First we need to get a couple of definitions out of the way. Domain and Range The domain of an equation is the set of all x’s that we can plug into the equation and get back a real number for y. The range of an equation is the set of all y’s that we can ever get out of the equation. Note that we did mean to use equation in the definitions above instead of functions. These are really definitions for equations. However, since functions are also equations we can use the definitions for functions as well. Determining the range of an equation/function is can be pretty difficult to do for many functions and so we aren’t going to really get into that. We are much more interested here in determining the domains of functions. From the definition the domain is the set of all x...
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