Solution let x be the amount of water we need to add

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Unformatted text preview: 1.5 Þ t = 11.67 hrs So, it looks like it would take John 11.67 hours to clean the complex by himself. Mixing Problems This is the final type of problems that we’ll be looking at in this section. We are going to be looking at mixing solutions of different percentages to get a new percentage. The solution will consist of a secondary liquid mixed in with water. The secondary liquid can be alcohol or acid for instance. The standard equation that we’ll use here will be the following. æ Amount of secondary ö æ Percentage of ö æ Volume of ö ç ÷=ç ÷´ç ÷ è liquid in the water ø è Solution ø è Solution ø Note as well that the percentage needs to be a decimal. So if we have an 80% solution we will need to use 0.80. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 78 College Algebra Example 10 How much of a 50% alcohol solution should we mix with 10 gallons of a 35% solution to get a 40% solution? Solution Okay, let x be the amount of 50% solution that we need. This means that there will be...
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