Solution lets let t represent the amount of time that

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Unformatted text preview: p= 78.50 = 68.26087 1.15 The store paid $68.26 for the calculator. Note that since we are dealing with money we rounded the answer down to two decimal places. Example 4 A shirt is on sale for $15.00 and has been marked down 35%. How much was the shirt being sold for before the sale? Solution This problem is pretty much the opposite of the previous example. Let’s start with defining p to be the price of the shirt before the sale. It has been marked down by 35%. This means that 0.35p has been subtracted off from the original price. Therefore, the equation (and solution) is, p - 0.35 p = 15.00 0.65 p = 15.00 15.00 = 23.0769 p= 0.65 So, with rounding it looks like the shirt was originally sold for $23.08. Distance/Rate Problems These are some of the standard problems that most people think about when they think about Algebra word problems. The standard formula that we will be using here is Distance = Rate ´ Time All of the problems that we’ll be doing in this set of examples will use this to one degree or another and oft...
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