Squaring x makes x greater than equal to zero then

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Unformatted text preview: pending on the complexity of the inequality the solution set may be a single number or it may be a range of numbers. If it is a single number then we use the same notation as we used for equations. If the solution set is a range of numbers, as the only we looked at above is, we will use something called set builder notation. Here is the solution set for the inequality we looked at above. { z | z ³ -5} This is read as : “The set of all z such that z is greater than or equal to -5”. Most of the inequalities that we will be looking at will have simple enough solution sets that we often just shorthand this as, z ³ -5 There is one final topic that we need to address as far as solution sets go before leaving this section. Consider the following equation and inequality. x2 + 1 = 0 x2 < 0 If we restrict ourselves to only real solutions (which we won’t always do) then there is no solution to the equation. Squaring x makes x greater than equal to zero, then adding 1 onto that means that the left side is guar...
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