The properties will work for any exponent that we

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Unformatted text preview: ve exponents and rational exponents. Be careful not to confuse the two as they are totally separate topics. In other words, b-n = 1 bn and NOT 1 b-n ¹ b n This is a very common mistake when students first learn exponent rules. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 14 College Algebra Real Exponents This is a fairly short section. It’s only real purpose is to acknowledge that the exponent properties we listed in the first section work for any exponent. We’ve already used them on integer and rational exponents but we aren’t actually restricted to these kinds of exponents. The properties will work for any exponent that we want to use. Example 1 Simplify each of the following and write the answers with only positive exponents. ( (a) x8.2 y -0.26 z 2 æ x3 y -4.1 ö (b) ç -2.7 ÷ èx ø ) 0.5 -3 Solution We will not put as much detail into these as we have in the previous sections. By this point it is assumed that you’re starting to get a good handle on the exponent rules. (a) ( x8.2 y -0.26 z 2 ) 0.5 = x 4.1 y -0.13 z = x 4.1 z y 0.13 (b) -3 -3 -3 3 æ x3 y -4.1 ö æ x3 x 2.7 ö æ x...
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