There is however one exception to that sometimes as

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Unformatted text preview: f acid ö æ Amount of acid ö æ Amount of acid ö ç ÷+ç ÷=ç ÷ è in the water ø è in 40% Solution ø è in 15% Solution ø Notice that in the first term we used the “Amount of acid in the water”. This might look a little weird to you because there shouldn’t be any acid in the water. However, this is exactly what we what. The basic equation tells us to look at how much of the secondary liquid is in the water. So, this is the correct wording. When we plug in the percentages and volumes we will think of the water as a 0% percent solution since that is in fact what it is. So, the new word equation is, æ Volume ö æ Volume of ö æ Volume of ö ÷ + ( 0.4 ) ç ÷ = ( 0.15 ) ç ÷ è of Water ø è 40% Solution ø è15% Solution ø ( 0) ç © 2007 Paul Dawkins 79 College Algebra Do not get excited about the zero in the first term. This is okay and will not be a problem. Let’s now plug in the volumes and solve for x. ( 0 ) ( x ) + ( 0.4 ) ( 7...
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