They can and do occur for many different equations

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Unformatted text preview: didn’t go much past that with our axis system. Also, notice that we used a different scale on each of the axes. With the horizontal axis we incremented by 1’s while on the vertical axis we incremented by 2. This will often be done in order to make the sketching easier. The final topic that we want to discuss in this section is that of intercepts. Notice that the graph in the above example crosses the x-axis in two places and the y-axis in one place. All three of these points are called intercepts. We can, and often will be, more specific however. We often will want to know of the intercept crosses the x or y-axis specifically. So, if an intercept crosses the x-axis we will call it an x-intercept. Likewise, if an intercept crosses the y-axis we will call it a y-intercept. Now, since the x-intercept crosses x-axis then the y coordinates of the x-intercept(s) will be zero. Also, the x coordinate of the y-intercept will be zero since these points cross the y-axis. These facts give us a way to determine the intercepts for an equatio...
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