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Unformatted text preview: otice that we did use some rounding on the square root. [Return to Problems] Over the course of the last two sections we’ve done quite a bit of solving. It is important that you understand most, if not all, of what we did in these sections as you will be asked to do this kind of work in some later sections. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 103 College Algebra Solving Quadratic Equations : A Summary In the previous two sections we’ve talked quite a bit about solving quadratic equations. A logical question to ask at this point is which method should we use to solve a given quadratic equation? Unfortunately, the answer is, it depends. If your instructor has specified the method to use then that, of course, is the method you should use. However, if your instructor had NOT specified the method to use then we will have to make the decision ourselves. Here is a general set of guidelines that may be helpful in determining which method to use. 1. Is it clearly a square root property problem? In other words, does the equation consist ONLY of something squared an...
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