This is important because we may have made a mistake

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Unformatted text preview: e that will give a positive coefficient. This is done simply because it is often easy to lose track of the minus sign on the coefficient and so if we make sure it is positive we won’t need to worry about it. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 64 College Algebra So, for our case this will mean adding 4x to both sides and subtracting 15 from both sides. Note as well that while we will actually put those operations in this time we normally do these operations in our head. 3x + 15 = -12 - 4 x 3 x + 15 - 15 + 4 x = -12 - 4 x + 4 x - 15 7 x = -27 The next step says to get a coefficient of 1 in front of the x. In this case we can do this by dividing both sides by a 7. 7 x -27 = 7 7 27 x=7 Now, if we’ve done all of our work correct x = - 27 is the solution to the equation. 7 The last and final step is to then check the solution. As pointed out in the process outline we need to check the solution in the original equation. This is important, because we may have made a mistake in the very first step and if we...
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