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Unformatted text preview: he coefficients for a single variable. Let’s take a look at an example. Here is the system of equations that we looked at in the previous section. x - 2 y + 3z = 7 2x + y + z = 4 -3 x + 2 y - 2 z = -10 Here is the augmented matrix for this system. 3 7ù é 1 -2 ê2 11 4ú ê ú ê -3 2 -2 -10 ú ë û The first row consists of all the constants from the first equation with the coefficient of the x in the first column, the coefficient of the y in the second column, the coefficient of the z in the third column and the constant in the final column. The second row is the constants from the second equation with the same placement and likewise for the third row. The dashed line represents where the equal sign was in the original system of equations and is not always included. This is mostly dependent on the instructor and/or textbook being used. Next we need to discuss elementary row operations. There are three of them and we will give both the notation used for each one as well as an example using the augmented matrix given abo...
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