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Unformatted text preview: ty. When we determine which inequality the number satisfies we use the equation associated with that inequality. So, let’s do some evaluations. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 181 College Algebra (a) g ( -6 ) In this case -6 satisfies the top inequality and so we’ll use the top equation for this evaluation. g ( -6 ) = 3 ( -6 ) + 4 = 112 2 [Return to Problems] (b) g ( -4 ) Now we’ll need to be a little careful with this one since -4 shows up in two of the inequalities. However, it only satisfies the top inequality and so we will once again use the top function for the evaluation. g ( -4 ) = 3 ( -4 ) + 4 = 52 2 [Return to Problems] (c) g (1) In this case the number, 1, satisfies the middle inequality and so we’ll use the middle equation for the evaluation. This evaluation often causes problems for students despite the fact that it’s actually one of the easiest evaluations we’ll ever do. We know that we evaluate functions/equations by plugging in the number for the variable. In this case there are no variables. That isn’t a problem. Since there aren’t any var...
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